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The complete differential diagnosis in infants with ambiguous genitalia is more extensive and involves images paradisebirds anna naked a karyotype, 17-ketosteroid determinations and, possibly, an MRI or laparotomy. In cases of ambiguous genitalia, the diagnosis of congenital adrenal hyperplasia should be suspected as this can potentially be a life-threatening disease and, when indicated, treatment must be promply initiated. Spitzer RF, Wherrett D, Chitayat D et al: Maternal luteoma of pregnancy presenting with virilization of the female infant.

J Obstet Gynaecol Can 29: 83540, 2007. Millen JW: Timing of congenital malformations: With a time table of human development. Banned Porn Free Porn Med Child Neurol 5: 343, 1963. Watanabe N, Kurita M: The masculinization of images paradisebirds anna naked fetus during pregnancy due to inhalation of diesel exhaust.

Environ Health Perspect 109: 1119, 2001. James RS, Coppin B, Dalton P et al: A study of females with deletions of the short arm of the X chromosome. Hum Genet 102: 50716, 1998. Tsutsumi O, Iida T, Nakahori Y et al: Analysis of the testis-determining gene SRY in patients with XY gonadaldysgenesis.

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