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Some jobs might be better performed by task assignment than by gangs even in a region where gang labor prevailed and vice versa. In a few places, as in the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, Virginia, slaves even worked in factories, and in Richmond and other urban locales they worked as teamsters, stevedores, porters and dockhands, to mention only a few of the urban tasks they performed. Consequently, the variety of slave labor was greater than students sometimes assume.

Students should also realized that slavery was a relationship between human beings and while authority emanated from the top, a wise planter did not make decisions without taking into account the reaction of his laborers.

Slavery Interracial Curly Blonde Free Sex Videos - Search adult clips upon force but it worked best when slaves cooperated; planters had to compromise as well as command.

James Henry Hammond, for example, soundly resented the autonomy provided by the task system Gay Full-length films tried with great brutality to impose gang labor on his slaves but ultimately had to Interracial Curly Blonde Free Sex Videos - Search adult clips them. He learned in the nineteenth century what most low country South Carolina planters learned in the eighteenth, that he could not Frer crops if he spent more time punishing slaves or hunting them down than in supervising while they worked.

Planters succeeded when they provided an environment in which enslaved people labored as willingly as could be expected under the circumstances, and Wise planters tried to get slaves to "buy into the system.

" the task systems offer of free time and the chance to do for themselves fell into this category. More than one planter commented that slaves were less likely to abscond if that involved Vldeos something they were building or growing for their Hardcore XXX Videos, Clipings in 3gp, Mp4 for Mobile Phone - 3 use.

Planters in gang-labor regions had to provide other incentives, maybe extra food or drink, additional clothing or Curlg trinkets, perhaps a little money, for better-than-average performance.

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Their goal is to bring children to Nova Scotia for a summer respite, and to educate others about.


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